Congratulations on your pregnancy! 


Pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood is an exciting time filled with joys and challenges.  Though our culture often teaches us to view labour as a fearful, painful event, it can be quite the opposite!  The transition to motherhood can be a time of peace, comfort and empowerment.  The right support and encouragement can make all the difference.  It is my hope that this will hold true for you and your family.


Please, take your time visiting this website.  In it you'll find a list of the services I offer, designed to celebrate your baby's birth and help make his or her arrival a smooth one.  You'll also hear from some wonderful women and couples I have helped in the past.  There's also a list of resources for those in the Woodstock area, and much more!


Happy Birthing!



Myself & Baby M. , April 2011 at URVH